Vincent Pieterse

I started my own business in 2000, next to my long career in education. The leitmotiv in my work as a coach, trainer and researcher is my interest in what ‘moves’ individuals. My company, focuses on the human side of organizations. I'm the author of several articles and books on new approaches to organizational development as well as on leadership and organizational culture. Characteristic of me is my ability to combine my academic background and my creative style of working with a practical and result-oriented approach.

What I do

Guiding people and organizations in their development

I guide people and organizations in their development. In recent years, different development cases as: leadership, organizational learning, behavioral and cultural change, cross-cultural cooperation, strategy implementation, and monitoring of human factors during change trajectories, nationally and internationally, have been performed.

Learning and development

An interactive process

I am very passionate about what moves people: how they think, learn, act, develop, and give meaning to their everyday life. My entire career and personal development have been infused with that passion. Many years of experience have taught me that if you want to achieve anything in a personal or professional context, you need to start moving and keep on moving. The desired change is created through this movement. This is the reason why I work with an energetic, people-oriented and small-scale approach, when guiding people and organizations in transition.

Knowledge Sharing

Working Knowledge: Business Research for Business Leaders

Many scholars aspire to contribute to their discipline's knowledge and to influence practitioners' decision-making. However, practitioners very rarely read articles published in peer-reviewed journals. No wonder. Most journals are difficult to access and prohibitively expensive for anyone outside of academia. Even if the current open-access movement becomes more successful, the incomprehensible jargon and the sheer volume and lengths of papers would still prevent practitioners from reading and understanding them.
It’s therefore I here connect leading edge research and ideas on business management with practitioners, leaders, and academics. You are introduced to the newest thinking on many business topics to make their way into mainstream practice.

The ‘Shakespearean Fool’

The organization-as-theatre

Fools have told Kings and later Managers the truth. The typical Fool nowadays is a Management Consultant. The Wise Fool provide truth, balance, play, recreation, destruction, creation, change. Shakespeare used the fool’s freedom to offer critical observations that coming from any other character, would have been rebellious to the system. Behind his foolery, the fool could cover up sharp comments on contemporary discourse. Shakespeare’s fools are subtle teachers, reality instructors. Basically, the ‘Shakespearean fool’ serves to offer an overlooked or otherwise unspoken insight in a thought-provoking manner.
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