Vincent Pieterse

I started my own business in 2000, next to my long career in education. As a coach, trainer and researcher I focus on the human side of organizations. I have a long-standing interest in exploring writing and storytelling as it relates to both organizations and the writing of organizations studies. Informed by the interventions of poststructuralism in organization studies, my research in this area has explored narrative structures. While my work can be located in a ‘critical’ tradition, it is my goal to perform an affirmative critique that avoids ‘finger pointing’ and ‘naysaying’ in favour of a kind of positive cynicism for the possibilities for more ethically alive ways of working in, and studying, organizations.

What I do

Guiding leaders in their development

My unique approach to leadership, organizational culture, and change is reflected in my research, teaching, and over twenty years of working with executives worldwide. I help leaders understand how they can manage themselves to lead others more effectively and to have an impact on the culture in their part of their organization.

Learning and development

The intangible characteristics of learning

Based on the idea that human development is socially situated and knowledge is constructed through interaction with others I make the assumption that learning is developing knowledge through understanding and interaction what occurs by intentional human activities in organizations. This concept requires learners to develop teamwork expertise and to see individual learning as essentially related to the success of group learning. Many years of experience have taught me that if you want to achieve anything in the actualisation of change, you need to recognise and embrace the intangible characteristics of learning in the interactive process.

Hogan en NEO PI-3 certified

'Time well spent'

Hogan uses the science of personality assessment to help organizations hire the right people, develop talented employees and leaders, and impact the bottom line. It is the premier personality assessment that uniquely assesses a leader’s strengths, blind spots, and motivators. It’s a perfect tool for new leaders, experienced executives, interview selection, and team building.

The NEO-PI-3, the latest edition of the gold-standard questionnaire measure of the Big Five Factor Model, provides a detailed personality description that can be a valuable resource for a variety of professionals.

The ‘Shakespearean Fool’

The organization-as-theatre

Fools have told Kings and later Managers the truth. The typical Fool nowadays is a Management Consultant. The Wise Fool provide truth, balance, play, recreation, destruction, creation, change. Shakespeare used the fool’s freedom to offer critical observations that coming from any other character, would have been rebellious to the system. Behind his foolery, the fool could cover up sharp comments on contemporary discourse. Shakespeare’s fools are subtle teachers, reality instructors. Basically, the ‘Shakespearean fool’ serves to offer an overlooked or otherwise unspoken insight in a thought-provoking manner.
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